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Fishing Charters

Step aboard Dointhedo for a day's fishing: You will be well catered for on our fast, comfortable, modern clean boat. A variety of fishing trips are available. Never be shy to ask for something specific, and get involved in deciding how 'Your' day is to be spent.

We are very keen to promote fishing for all the family. There are access doors both sides of the vessel which provide step aboard access so there is no cumbersome climbing over rails. High gunnels to provide safety. Onboard facilities include hot beverages and facilities to heat food. A clean toilet and under cover seating compliment the vessel to ensure you are comfortable and well catered for.

Rod and Reel
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Rod and Reel use is provided at no extra cost. As is use of all end tackle, including lures and leads. Newcomers and children are particularly welcomed. Expert advice is always at hand if required. Read more about our rigs.

High Speed

The speed of Dointhedo means we can get to the fishing marks in superfast time. Cruising at 28–30 knots and with a top speed of in excess of 40 knots nowhere is out of reach. The vessel is fitted with bespoke cutting-edge Hydrofoils, these ensure the boat remains stable and eliminates the slamming and banging that lots of vessels can suffer from. The whole day is about relaxing and fun.

All Types of Fishing

We offer a variety of fishing trips and there are no limitations. Whether it be fishing inshore for sole on a balmy autumn evening, or drifting on a summers day for shark, we will endeavour to ensure you catch your target. Throughout the year we offer trips at all times of the day. We really are a 24/7 service. Fishing trips are not restricted to times, but are catered for and organised around best tide times and importantly the times you wish to be onboard.

Inshore fishing

Especially during the summer months this can be as relaxing or as hectic as you wish. Whether anchored up with tempting baits set for the plaice, or the hectic action that can occur when you get your mark right and the Bream are in abundance. We can tailor to fit your requirements. Inshore fishing will normally mean you are within a few miles of land. We can head around to Sandown Bay, pop down to the Needles, or venture anywhere around the Isle of Wight. Inshore fishing especially during the summer months can provide an abundance of fish. If the Mackerel shoals arrive this can be a great introduction to newcomers to the sport, and it allows many to fill their freezers with fresh line caught fish. Our latest Satellite positioning system means when we find a shoal of fish a push of a button holds us directly above it.

Offshore Anchored Fishing

Offshore anchored fishing for skate, smoothounds, conger, cod, tope etc. provides the most popular chosen fishing requests. It's trips like these where literally anything can be caught. We will always discuss fully with you, the type of fishing you wish to do. If you have a particular species you wish to catch we will always do our best to put you in the right area where you will stand the best chances of accomplishing your quest.

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Mackerel fishing trips
Fishing for John Dory
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Wreck Fishing

With our purpose built full 360-degree walkaround vessel, the boat has been built to cater for this kind of trip. The walkway around the wheelhouse is 1.2 metres wide, so there is plenty of room for others to pass behind, all anglers can get down one side of the boat, so we also eliminate anglers having to fish 'under' the hull. The wreck fishing in the English Channel can be phenomenal when we get it right. Our Satellite "anchoring" system allows us to find a shoal and hold the boat directly above it, adding a whole new dimension to Wreck fishing. Rest assured the skipper will do his best to find you fish.

Reef Fishing

Either anchoring or drifting. With so many reefs available and many of them "undiscovered" this can provide an exhilarating form of fishing. Generally, tackle losses will be less than as with Wreck fishing, but the catches can be similar and superb. Cod, Pollock, Ling and a multitude of species can be found on these reefs. The fun aspect of discovering a new reef with fish in abundance is a smile generating experience.

Shark Fishing

Recently Shark catch reports have been increasing. On many occasions we witness Thresher sharks jumping clear of the water. We are one of a few charter vessels operating these local waters to have caught both Threshers and Porbeagle sharks. Shark trips will be limited to a Max crew size of 4 anglers. On an 11–metre catamaran this ensures there is plenty of room for all. We have the drift lines. Do you have the determination? Call us to discuss your requirements.

Bass Fishing

Bass fishing has always been a favourite with anglers, especially here on the South Coast where we have numerous banks where the Bass shoal up and drifting these banks can result in some great sport. If you wish to keep any Bass, it's advisable to call us to establish any restrictions that may currently be in place. Dointhedo promotes catch and release of Bass, and we are happy to accept specialised catch and release Bass trips.

Specialised Trips

Specialised trips can include trips where you the angler get to decide where you want to fish. You may have a 'Special' mark. You may have been studying charts, you may wish to try one of the numerous smaller relatively unfished wrecks. The choice really is yours. Get it right, and the rewards can be outstanding and very rewarding in terms of finding your 'own secret mark'.