Boat Charters to The Hut, Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight

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Explore The Hut at Colwell: A Seaside Culinary Haven

Nestled along the picturesque north coast of the Isle of Wight, just a stone's throw from Lymington, Hampshire, lies The Hut at Colwell Bay - a culinary gem awaiting your discovery: Easily accessible within an hour and a half from London. Dointhedo our 12 person capacity catamaran is at your service, whisking you and your group to The Hut in style, and patiently awaiting your return to take you back to your chosen South Coast port.

A Culinary Icon Since 2013

Established in 2013, The Hut has blossomed from a humble beach bar cherished by locals into one of the UK's most iconic restaurants. The Hut Colwell takes pride in their unwavering passion for crafting simple yet delectable dishes, creating an atmosphere that resonates with vibrancy, ensuring every visit is an unforgettable experience.

Colwell Bay Oasis

Situated at the heart of Colwell Bay on the Isle of Wight, The Hut is a sanctuary shielded from the wind and bathed in sunshine from noon until night. It beckons those seeking an indulgent experience savouring exquisite cuisine, relishing fine beverages, and embracing seaside merriment.

The Notorious Top Deck

The Hut at Colwell has gained notoriety as the go-to dining destination on the Isle of Wight. Renowned for lively lunches, dinners, and awe-inspiring views, 'The Top Deck' stands as the epitome of beachside private dining. Hosting up to 26 guests on a raised deck, it offers panoramic vistas of the beach and the Solent beyond. The Top Deck boasts a retractable roof and walls, ensuring a delightful experience regardless of the weather.

Seamless Transit with Dointhedo

Dointhedo, awaits your arrival at a South Coast port of your choice. Where you can experience seamless transportation to and from The Hut, allowing you to savour every moment ashore. Travel in style with sedate ambiance or accompany your journey with music of your choice through our stereo system with Bluetooth capability. The catamaran features undercover seating, toilet facilities, and a coolbox for refreshing drinks, ensuring your comfort during the voyage. Thanks to its twin hull design, Dointhedo offers stability on the open waters.

Whether you're a gastronomic enthusiast or seeking a unique seaside escape, The Hut at Colwell promises an unforgettable journey of culinary delights and seaside revelry. Book your transport with Dointhedo and embark on a memorable experience at The Hut.

Explore Harbour Life with a stop off at Yarmouth

If you're looking to immerse yourself in the charm of harbour life, Dointhedo has you covered. We offer convenient drop-offs at Yarmouth Harbour, ensuring you have the opportunity to experience the coastal beauty. A specialist bus will then transport you from Yarmouth to The Hut and back. While ashore, take the time to wander through the local shops and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Whether you prefer to be picked up directly from The Hut or back at Yarmouth Harbour, we've got your transportation needs covered. Make the most of your visit with The Hut at Colwell - where harbour exploration meets convenience.