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Discover Dointhedo: Your Ultimate Charter Experience

The Vessel

Welcome aboard Dointhedo, an exceptional 11.4 Metre Swiftcat catamaran meticulously crafted for an unparalleled charter experience. Equipped with cutting-edge navigation and electronic equipment, this purpose-built vessel adheres to the highest safety standards with MCA CAT 2 Coding. The expansive full walk-around Wheelhouse provides panoramic views, complemented by ample sheltered seating. With clean toilet facilities and easy access via port and starboard doors, your comfort is our priority. Powered by the latest environmentally friendly 2 x 325hp Suzuki Duoprops engines, Dointhedo reaches a cruising speed of approximately 30 knots and boasts a top speed exceeding 40 knots.

Advanced Technology

In a league of its own, Dointhedo features state-of-the-art technology, including 16" touch screen plotters, AIS, and standard electronics. Setting it apart is the revolutionary "Optimus 360" system, enabling precise positioning using only the engines. This opens up limitless possibilities, from holding position above wrecks and fish shoals to facilitating film and camera work.

Hydrofoil Excellence

Dointhedo stands among the select few vessels equipped with a bespoke Duplex Stainless Steel hydrofoil. This finely engineered foil ensures stability at all speeds and elevates the vessel out of the water at high speeds. Say goodbye to the discomfort of waves with the hydrofoil, providing a smooth and stable ride in any conditions.

crew of the charter boat dointhedo - Dave and Caroline
crew of the charter boat dointhedo – Al
crew of the charter boat dointhedo - Caroline

Meet the Skippers

Dointhedo was commisioned in 2018 by Dave and Caroline. Caroline though facing a cancer diagnosis at a young age, bravely fought a tough battle before sadly passing away. In keeping with their commitment Dave and Allen continue to uphold Caroline's legacy by running Dointhedo with unwavering dedication. Allen a longstanding member of the Dointhedo team since the beginning, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Both skippers hold commercially endorsed certifications, ensuring a journey that is not only safe but also enriched with professionalism and care.

The Crew

Embark on a journey with Dointhedo, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled comfort and a dedicated crew ensures your safety and enjoyment. Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, Dointhedo promises an extraordinary charter experience.

Dointhedo charterboat under construction Dointhedo charterboat Dointhedo charterboat