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The Boat

Dointhedo is a purpose built 11.4 Metre Swiftcat catamaran. It is fitted with up to date navigation and electronic equipment, and carries all the necessary safety equipment to satisfy its MCA CAT 2 Coding. It benefits from a spacious full walk around Wheelhouse and has plenty of sheltered seating. It has a clean toilet facility and easy access to the vessel via doors to both port and starboard sides. It is powered by the latest and most emission and environmentally friendly engines to date, being 2 x 325hp Suzuki Duoprops. The vessel is fitted with highly engineered bespoke hydrofoils which provide a stable platform at speed. The vessel cruises at circa 28 knots and has a top speed in excess of 40 knots.

The Engines

Dointhedo has the very latest environmentally friendly lean burn engines. Suzuki DF325hp Duoprop outboards ensure all power is transmitted through to the prop. They are quiet, and clean burn. They produce enough power to propel the vessel at a cruising speed of 28 knots with a top speed of in excess of 40 knots.

www.marine-matters.co.uk Supplied / installed and service the engines. Having technicians on hand provides comfort in the knowledge that in the rare event something should go wrong then local expert help is at hand. Marine Matters provide support and sales for Suzuki engines, are based on the river Hamble, and also provide RYA courses.

Electronics and Satellite Anchoring System

Technology knows no bounds, and as well as having the latest touch screen 15" plotters, AIS, and all the standard electronics found on boats Dointhedo is one of just a very few charter vessels to boast “Optimus 360”. This is a revolutionary system which allows the boat to hold positioning using the engines alone. The implications of this system are boundless. Holding position above wrecks, holding position above fish shoals. Holding position for Film/Camera work. A system normally reserved for elite situations can now be utilised by anyone.


Dointhedo is one of just a few vessels to have a bespoke Duplex Stainless Steel hydrofoil fitted. This highly engineered foil provides stability at all speeds and “lifts” the vessel out of the water at high speeds. No longer do you have to suffer the “bangs and slams” of falling off of waves, the foil cuts across waves and provides for a stable and comfortable ride whatever the conditions.

The Skippers

Dave and Al have been around fishing for most of their lives. Dave used to be co-owner of Daves Tackle, a very popular tackle shop which was located on Weston Shore. Dave predominantly spent most of his time beach fishing and was a registered Sea Angler Magazine Casting instructor as well as being a regular at casting tournaments during the 80s and 90s. He could always be found at matches along the South Coast. By the turn of the century his interest in boat fishing peaked, and he made the change from beach to boat fishing in an almost seamless transition. He has fondest memories of the charter trips he went on regularly from Lymington after the famous Needles Cod. Al has over 35 years' fishing experience from beach and boat from many locations both home and abroad. He owned and skippered the charter boat SeaFox (Gosport) and has undertaken commercial boat work all around the country. Both skippers hold all the necessary commercially endorsed certifications to provide you with a safe and pleasant trip.

crew of the charter boat dointhedo - Dave and Caroline
crew of the charter boat dointhedo – Al
crew of the charter boat dointhedo – Dan
crew of the charter boat dointhedo - Caroline

The Crew

Caroline has been responsible for some spectacular catches, including Cod to 26lb, Wrasse to 8lb, John Dory to 7lb, Thin Lipped Mullet to 8lb and numerous double figure Pollock. Caroline will be on hand to net your fish and provide assistance throughout your trip. Caroline has completed all the necessary RYA Safety programs. As of 2018 Caroline was diagnosed with non–curable cancer. Caroline still helps out on the boat, but to a much lesser extent these days.

Dan is a regular crewman, and is always ready to help. Whether it be angling related, ensuring the group are well catered for or making a cup of tea. Dan has passed all his mandatory RYA safety programs and is currently building up his Log in order to attain his commercial endorsed license.

Dointhedo charterboat under construction Dointhedo charterboat under construction Dointhedo charterboat under construction