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What to Bring (All Day Fishing Trip)

Most seasoned anglers will have their tackle bags filled with their requirements for the day, but what if you are not experienced and this is your first trip or you are still new to boat fishing?

Here are a few items you may consider bringing.

Refreshments: Tea and coffee are supplied onboard, but you are encouraged to bring any extra drinks.

Food: Please bring your own food. We have a microwave onboard and will happily warm through pies etc for you.

Proper Clothing: Proper boat footwear is recommended. The deck can become slippery and it is not a place for leather soles. Bring warm and waterproof clothing. Even in summer the weather can change quickly. You can always remove a layer of clothing if you are too hot.

A Hat: This is imperative and should form part of everyone's boating equipment. At sea there is limited space to get out of the sun. The head burns quickly and unprotected sun exposure can cause headaches.

Sunscreen: Even on days when the sun isn't glaring down on you, the reflection from the sea can burn you very quickly.

Hand Towel: Fishing can get messy, and there is nothing worse than not being able to wash and dry your hands properly.

Polarised Sunglasses: The glare from the sea can damage your eyes. Polarised glasses provide much needed protection.

Medication: If you take any medication you are obliged to inform the skipper prior to booking. Please ensure you have any medication you may require during the day with you. (Inhalers, Anti-histamine etc.)

Tackle: To avoid clutter, anglers are encouraged to bring only what they will need. There is no need to bring bulky lead weights. We carry lead weights of all denominations and will have suitable weights for all manner of fishing, from 1oz thru to 2.5lb. Tackle. You only pay for losses and the price for these is very reasonable and at cost (you pay what we pay).

Lures: We carry and stock a comprehensive range of lures. The lures we carry actually work. They are tried and tested and verified. These can be purchased onboard at a very reasonable price.

Rigs etc: We carry an inventory of popular rigs. These can be purchased at reasonable prices, and again lightens your tackle bag.

Seat Tackle Boxes: These are popular for storing tackle. However, please consider using a sports bag or similar, which is easier to store and not prone to sliding around.