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On Dointhedo we carry all the tackle and equipment needed for a days fishing.

Anglers can choose to use the boat equipment if desired. This means that you don't have to load your tackle box with numerous lead weights, rigs and spares. It saves on space and extra unnecessary weight for you to carry.

There are no charges for using boat equipment.

All we ask is that you pay for any losses, or breakages. We believe by offering this service it assists anglers, and allows them to leave heavy, bulky items at home and free up valuable space onboard.

All of our tackle and equipment is modern and serviced regularly. We use carbon fibre rods (Tronix. Abu, Daiwa and Leeda) and our reels are available in right hand or left hand format and are generally Okuma level wind multipliers.

Terminal tackle is well known and respected brands such as Kamasan, Berkely, Breakaway etc