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Camera and Filming Boat Hire

Filmwork, photography, camera crews ... all require a large stable platform to achieve the best results and that is exactly what we can provide with Dointhedo. A catamaran is more stable than a mono-hull and the large deck provides plenty of room. Especially if there is a requirement to set up tripods.

With the addition of Dointhedo's bespoke hydrofoils and the speed capable from twin 325hp Duoprop Suzuki outboards we can get film-crews to the "Action" quickly and safely.

We can provide film-crews with the option of being a "Lead" boat at speed with an unparalleled degree of stability and comfort. We have a top speed of in excess of 40 knots, a speed normally reserved for speedboats and ribs.


The hydrofoils allow us to plane across choppy waves that will have other boats reducing speed.

Be it pre-booked film work, or an urgent need to get out to the action quickly, make Dointhedo your preferred platform of choice.

When it comes to photography, a stable platform is paramount. We can get you those shots you are after.

We now have the very latest Satellite anchoring positioning system. This allows us to hold position, course heading all without having to deploy an anchor. Dointhedo has numerous 12v outlets to use as battery chargers, and we also have 240v AC outlets should there be a requirement for such.

Clubs and Groups

Camera clubs can be catered for and with our full unfettered walkway, we can accommodate photographers the full length of the boat. Meaning, no one has to miss that special shot.

More and more photographers and film / camera crews are using Drones to get exciting and dramatic aerial views. With a very spacious uncluttered wide deck, Dointhedo can be the ideal platform from which to launch and return your drone whilst capturing those special shots at sea. And with the Satellite anchoring system we never drift off of our mark.