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Calendar Event Boat Charters

We are blessed with having the English Channel and the Solent right on our doorstep, and this backdrop provides for a myriad of water-based events.

Dointhedo can get you up close and personal to many of these or can provide you with an enviable platform for a group of people or maybe that extra special moment to share with just a few.

Cowes Week

Cowes Week sees a multitude of race events circumnavigating the Isle of Wight. We can provide you with the means to get out to your chosen viewpoint and we have a turn of speed that will enable you to take in the action from various locations. You need not miss any of the action when you are with us ... but it doesn't stop there! Cowes week climaxes with a glorious firework display and where better to view it all from than the water? Your own private floating platform where you can watch the display with no distraction.

Americas Cup

For the Americas Cup, we can take private parties out to get as close as is possible to all the action. Perhaps you have a vested interest in being close enough to cheer on a competitor. Do it in style, do it in comfort, and do it in safety on our stable 11.4 metre, wide beam catamaran.

US Aircraft Carriers

Portsmouth Harbour is a main visitation port for the big US Carriers. These ships are so big that they cannot enter the harbour and have to anchor a mile or so offshore. We can take you around them to get photographs from every angle or we can take you as far out into the English Channel as you wish and will "escort" the vessel in whilst you get your photographs and make your memories.

The Port of Southampton

Southampton is home to some of the largest cruise vessels to visit the UK. On occasions the owners and operators of these magnificent vessels get them all together and the procession leaves Southampton, out into the Solent and then the English Channel. It's a spectacle to behold. It looks great from the shoreline. It looks even better close up on the water.

Bournemouth Air Festival

Where much of the action takes place over the water. This also culminates in a spectacular firework display.

The list of calendar events is increasing and special viewpoints are at a premium. There really is no more spectacular viewpoint as your own private boat. We will cater for all and any requirements you may have to ensure your day is special. Don't forget, Dointhedo is clean, modern and has full toilet facilities.

We look forward to seeing you soon.